Altra Internet
Internet Service Provider

About Altra Internet Limited

Altra is a internet service provider (ISP), we use proven network wholesalers for our circuits to our servers which are in New Zealand. Altra is providing hosting services at competitive prices. Our services are available to people in most centres throughout New Zealand....this particular service is an alternative to the main players in the market.

Continually Improving

We are always working to improve these services so that you as our end customer have reliable service nearly 100% of the time.

Kiwi Spirit

Altra internet is a service born out of the need for a Kiwi company to provide an alternative to the overseas companies dominating these types of services and then charging a fair price to our customers. If the new regulators give us a level playing field we will be able to improve and add to these services.


At Altra Internet we want you to stay with us so each year you stay we us we add value to the service free, after all we need revenue to run the service, we will do everything in our power to provide a service you will value. Stay or leave we want you to stay a friend of our company, word of mouth is our biggest advertisement.

Director Is Dave Edwards