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Altra Internet RBI Plans

RBI means “rural broadband initiative” and is a government sponsored program to get broadband internet out to rural customers.  Altra Internet is not funded by the government directly, but is still able to bring this service to many rural customers. Primarily if we can see a Vodafone signal and we know a suitable tower is nearby we should be able to connect you. Sometimes 2degrees mobile phones provide an indication that access is available as 2degrees use Vodafone to extend their coverage in some area's.
N.B. No phone line needed.

* Standard install price, difficult installs are plus time and materials. Speed is what we set our equipment to, environmental factors may affect actual speeds at the install premise. RBI equipment remains the property of Altra Internet Limited and there is a two year contract but with a viable buy out option. It is important to note that we interface to the RBI network provided by Vodafone. Altra Internet have no control of the Vodafone cell network and quality to the modem in your premises. If an aerial is needed we will install that and replace a proven faulty modem as needed. Excess data charge is $3 per Gigabyte.


60GB Data
Install $299
Monthly $89.95


120GB Data
Install $299
Monthly $99.95


3G Only
250GB Data
Install $299
Monthly $138.95