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Altra Internet Plans

Our commitment is to provide affordable plans with great data rates and low pricing on excess data.
Below are our standard plans and their pricing. If you need specific plans with particular data requirements please contact us for tailored pricing. If you can prove a competitor can better our pricing on a comparable subscription please contact us and let us know, we may be able to match or better that price.
N.B. No phone line needed.

* Standard install price, difficult installs are plus time and materials. Clip on WIFI for inside the house if required $69. Speed is what we set our equipment to, environmental factors may affect actual speeds at the install premise.


5MB x 1MB
5GB Data
Install $299
Monthly $34.50


10MB x 1MB
30GB Data
Install $299
Monthly $57.50


10MB x 1MB
50GB Data
Install $299
Monthly $80.50


10MB x 1MB
200GB Data
Install $299
Monthly $99.00