Altra Internet
Internet Service Provider

Terms And Conditions

1.Terms Of Service-- Altra Internet Limited T/A Altra is an Internet Service Provider (ISP). It provides access to the internet, access to send and retrieve mail from customer mailboxes, and certain ASP, (Application Service Provider) services. Altra also offers hosting and housing services. The major public telephone network providers and other local network service providers provide access to Altra. Altra Terms of Service apply whenever we provide any services for you. In these terms "we", "us" or "Altra" means Altra Internet Limited T/A Altra and "you" means you, our customer. We may change these terms at any time. We may also change our pricing structures. We will tell you about any pricing changes at least 30 days before the change takes effect.
2. Our Contact Details-- If you need to contact us for any reason you should send us an e-mail or you can call us, on 027 222 1159. You acknowledge that any free Internet calling numbers listed on our website may have a charge associated with its use in certain geographical areas within New Zealand and is such cases, you agree to be liable for those charges. Please note that some business premises charge for calls over their networks i.e. Hotels, motels etc.
3. Access To Our Services-- You acknowledge that Altra shall not be liable to pay you for failing to meet any responsibility under these terms because of events reasonably beyond its control, including but not limited to the failure of any network services provided to Altra by a third party, weather or natural disaster. Access to Altra may not be available in all areas and the quality of service may vary from area to area. The quality of services may also be affected by others involved in delivering the service to you, such as your telephone network provider, or by the equipment or software you are using. You are responsible for your arrangements with any third parties, such as telephone network providers, or those providing you with software or other equipment.
N.B. By using these services you agree to not share freely or sell our service to second or third parties either via wireless or by other means. If you are using wireless within your property you also agree to secure the wireless signal with a suitable password for your own and Altra Internets security. Failure to meet these requirements may lead your connection being shut down immediately.
If your business is supplying public services please contact us to discuss your requirements.
4. Your Expectations Of Us-- When we provide services for you, we will ; Provide the services with reasonable care and skill ; Make sure the services do everything we say that they will do for a reasonable time after they have been provided to you, but we do not guarantee they will be continuous or fault free; Restore any service that is disrupted as soon as we reasonably can; We are not responsible for any failure or delays which are caused by or result from events beyond our reasonable control and or caused by a third party.
* Speed means we set our equipment for this speed, many factors influence the speed of the connection such as your computer, weather, signal strength and third party suppliers. We don't guarantee your plan speed will always be what the plan specifies but we guarantee our equipment will be calibrated for the plan you select. Max means uploads as fast as our equipment and third party suppliers can provide.
5. Our Expectations Of You-- You must: Ensure that all information you give us is correct and complete; Follow any instructions we provide you about using our services; Use our services in a responsible way. For instance (and without limitation), you must not spam or engage in other activities that annoy others or cause delays to others using the Internet; Never introduce anything harmful or destructive (such as viruses) or gain unauthorized access to, or interfere in any way with, our or anyone else's computer system, or communication services; Never make irresponsible or inappropriate use of information you access or receive through using our services; Comply with all laws while using our services, including (by way of example) the Copyright Act 1994, the Privacy Act 1993 and the Defamation Act 1992; Make sure everyone who uses the services we provide to you, or does anything in relation to them, also meets these expectations; be responsible for your relationships with other suppliers. If you have a problem with someone else's service or equipment, you need to ask them solve it, not us.
6. Paying For Our Services-- Our services are prepaid, that is generally you pay for the service on or before the 1st of the month for that month. You must pay us for the services or supplied product regardless of whether you authorised the use of them or not. Information about our charges will be provided to you. If you give up any service during a billing month any fixed monthly charges outstanding for that billing month period remain payable, if you require a plan change please give at least one month's notice. Plan changes occur in the next billing cycle after the one month's given notice unless other arrangements are agreed to. Unless you are on a pre-authorised debit or credit card arrangement with us, you will be sent bills for our charges. You must pay each bill by the due date electronically for payment set out on it. If you are on a pre-authorised debit or credit card arrangement or auto payment, you will in the case of an auto payment credit us or we will withdraw or credit your account each month. If you think a mistake has been made, contact us as soon as possible so that we may investigate the error. If there is a mistake, your next bill will be adjusted. If you do not pay a bill by the due date: you may be charged interest on the unpaid amount at the rate 5% above our bank overdraft rate from the due date for payment until you pay it; you may be required to pay any reasonable costs we incur in recovering the money you owe including debt collection and legal fees; we may withhold, or terminate any service we provide for you. Bills and other notices will be sent to the last electronic address you have given us. Our business is not set up to use postal services to deliver invoices but we will assume any bill or notice sent by physical post has been delivered five days after it is posted, and any bill or notice sent electronically has been delivered on sending unless we receive a failed to deliver message. All payments are by automatic payment only, although we can accept cheques it is not how payment should be made to us, it is your responsibility to keep these payments up to date and correct. If you fail to stop these auto payments when you cease to use our services or fail to notify us of your intention to terminate the service we use a no refund policy. i.e. our upstream provider expects payment of us in respect to some of the plans you may have subscribed to. Please tell us if you change your physical or electronic address. If you don't pay us for the service or excess data charges owed to Altra Internet we may limit your speed, change your plan or disconnect your service depending on circumstances at the time. *Please check to see if your service has a early disconnection fee before joining or disconnecting from our services.
**There is a reconnection fee of $50 if the disconnection is related to late payment of over one month.
7. Limitation of Our Liability--This clause sets out the maximum compensation you can expect to receive from us for any liability we have to you. We do not accept any other liability (whether in contract or in tort) except as set out here. If we are unable to meet the expectations set out in this agreement the maximum we will reimburse you is your applicable service fee for that month. For us to consider your claim, you must tell us within 3 months after the service is affected. A refund is not available where we did not meet our responsibilities to you because we were not given correct information or through other causes beyond our reasonable control, or where we withhold or terminate a service. The Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 contains consumer safeguards, which may apply to services we provide for you, if you are a consumer as defined in that Act. If you are not a consumer, the provisions of that Act are excluded. Any rights you may have under that Act if you are a consumer apply in addition to the rights set out above.
8. Information About You--If you are an individual the provisions set out in this clause apply to you. While you have an agreement with us, you agree that we may ask for information about you. The information may be collected through the equipment we use to provide our services or directly, through surveys, forms etc.. You may ask to see information we have about you, so long as we can readily retrieve it, and you can ask for any details that are wrong to be corrected. Requests must be in writing or by E-mail. We may hold the information and share it with our agents if we need to. We may also share information with other service providers, if we need to so as to allow you to use the services. We may disclose information about you to law enforcement authorities (such as the Police or the Department of Internal Affairs) if we think that it is necessary.
9. Scripts--The term script means a program written for internet use and stored on our server. We reserve the right to amend or remove any software and/or script at our sole discretion without notice to you. Scripts written by other parties must be authorised by us before being stored on our server. You acknowledge that we are not responsible for maintaining any scripts and that we are under no obligation to write, rewrite or fix scripts that are faulty. However, where we agree to undertake such work, we reserve the right to charge you at our standard hourly rate for work done.
10. Intellectual Property Rights--We may have intellectual property rights in our services or in software we provide to you, in our Web site including, for example, copyright, trademarks, etc.. We retain all our rights when we provide services to you. 11. New Zealand Law Applies--All our services are provided under New Zealand law. You may take action against us only in a New Zealand court.
12. Wireless is a extra service provided as is, we are limited to providing the service as best we can. There are no fixed terms. This wireless service is treated mostly as a community project and may not provide service 100% of the time. If for some any reason we cannot continue providing the wireless service our liability if we are unable to meet the customer expectations set out in this agreement, the maximum we will reimburse you is your applicable service fee for that month. If you join our wireless service you will be helping to grow the network and any installation fees go towards your equipment, expanding the network and staff costs.
13. Ending Services--You may end your use of any service by writing to us or e-mailing us. You must give us at least one month's notice. If you give up a service and later want it again, you may have to pay a set-up fee. We may decide to stop providing a particular service. If we do this, we will tell you at least one month before we stop providing it. We may end the agreement at any time if you do not pay our charges or meet your responsibilities to us. You may not transfer your responsibilities under the agreement to anyone else. The ending of the agreement does not affect any rights and responsibilities, which are intended to continue or come into force afterwards.
14. Fair use-- You agree to use our services with respect for other users and the network. If you exceed your monthly data use, use our services for spam or other illegal use we may have to disconnect you without warning. This will also protect our customers who maybe a victim of a virus or other malware. Going over your plan limits may cause your link to drop in speed.
15. These Terms of service may change at any time please check back regularly, it is your responsibility to check for changes and updates.
16. By purchasing any of our services means you agree to our terms of service.